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Clock Model

Clock Image 1 Clock Image 2 Clock Image 3

The Project: Model a desk clock using 2D splines and the bevel modifier in 3D Studio Max.

Lamp Model

Lamp Image 1 Lamp Image 2

The Project: Model a lamp using splines, lathes & lofts, and extrudes & booleans. The final project also included materials, cameras, and lighting.

Mouse Model

Mouse Image

The Project: Model a mouse by transforming vertices, edges & polygons, using the cut tool, chamfering edges, welding vertices, slicing planes and extruding faces.

3D Computer Model

3D Computer 13D Computer 2

The Project: I created this model to use for a project on how to build your own PC.

3D Interface Design

3D Interface Design 13D Interface Design 23D Interface Design 33D Interface Design 4

The Project: Design a 3D interface that can be used in an interactive media.

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