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Organ Donation

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A class project for Advanced Web Skills.
The Assignment:  To create a website without using propaganda to clearly illustrate your position on a controversial topic. Required to have three pros and three cons from other sources and also your position paper on the main page.
My take:  I chose Organ Donation and I am pro Organ Donation. I chose a simple and clean color scheme to keep it professional looking. The pro side of arguments is listed first to give it more importance. I also left justified the pro argument list and aligned text for those on the left to tie them together. For con arguments I did the opposite.


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A class project for Web Marketing.
The assignment:  To create a promotional website for a specific Harley-Davidson motorcycle for our target market. The bike choice was ours to target our market better. My target market was middle-class, middle-aged dads whose kids are older and maybe out of the house, they had a bike in their 20's and their household income is about $75,000.
My take :  I researched Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their websites. I used their color scheme because it's significant to their brand. I chose the XL1200R Sportster 1200 Roadster because it's a redesign of a classic that the TM may have known. It's sporty looking so they can impress but still comfortable to ride. It's also high performance and reasonably priced for the TM.

The Boulevard

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A group project for Web Marketing.
The assignment:  To create a product, place or service and create a marketing package for it.
Our take:  We came up with a hotel/restaurant and targeted our marketing towards middle-class to lower-class residents of the twin cities. We wanted something classy and fun and affordable. We decided on two locations, downtown Minnepolis and Bloomington, near the airport. Our type and color choices make it look classy. We decided to create two websites, one for the hotel and one for the restaurant. Our websites also focused on convience, being able to reseve a hotel room or an event and also making dinner reservations.

Khyber Pass

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A class project from Interactive Telecommunications. A client who owns Khyber Pass came into our class and gave us materials and asked everyone to come up with a website design.

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